Throughout the history of mankind, dogs have always been an important companion to human begins. Each dog, similar to people, has their own personality and bring loyalty and love to their owners. The most popular breeds (fun fact: Did you know, that the Germans like to use the word “Hunderassen” ? Sounds harsh, right? But they do!) earned their place because of how well they fit into their owner’s lifestyle. Here are the five most popular dog breeds of 2019.



One of the cutest and most appealing dogs is the Beagle. This dog breed is highly energetic and extremely intelligent. Originally bread for hunting, these dogs are great companions for those households with small children or elderly adults. They are very friendly and would get along famously with many other dog breeds.



One of the most popular dog breeds of all time is the Labrador Retriever. Labs often take on the fast paced lifestyle of their owners. For those that are into physical fitness and outdoor activities, a Labrador will have no problem keeping up. Extremely loyal and highly affectionate, these dogs are easily trained and can fit in with any dogs or other pets in their home. Labrador Retrievers are very independent and curious dogs. They are also eager to play with strangers and can be trained to be guard dogs if so desired; making Labrador Retrievers at the top of the list for more perspective dog owners.



Another pooch breed that is perfect for highly active lifestyles are Golden Retrievers. Friendly towards other dogs and humans and highly trainable, this dog breed tends to be much calmer than Labs. In addition, Goldens have long, luxurious blonde coats making them quite good looking dogs. The breed has a need to please their owners which allows for easy trainability and loyal companionship.



German Shepard dogs are among the top dog breeds for guarding or protecting one’s home. This breed is often used in armed forces, police departments and as service animals. A German Shepard is loyal, brave and quite athletic with a natural ability to sniff and track. These dogs are extremely territorial and can have trouble blending with other dogs and/or strangers. Although a German Shepard is highly trainable, it takes a tremendous amount of patience from its owner and should be done consistently from the time the dog is a puppy well into adulthood.



The French Bull dog is a breed that are extremely loyal and full of personality. They are quite adept at detecting their owner’s emotional state, making them great companions. The small stature of the breed lends to its minimal need for exercise; which can be appealing to dog owners who are unable to participate in extensive physical activity. Additionally, French Bull Dogs do not like being left alone for extended periods of time but would be the perfect trait for a person who works from home or is infrequently away from the house.



Owning a dog can be a rewarding experience, but one that also comes with much responsibility. Finding the right breed is crucial to ensure pets as well as their owners receive all the benefits that comes with dog ownership. These top five dog breeds of 2019 show how loyalty and a playful nature go a long way when choosing the right dog for one’s household.