The Neewer LED light ring is coming into play as one of the most popular lighting systems for people that want to take the perfect selfie. There have even been photographers that have used the LED light to make high quality photos.

The Proper Lighting

When you are trying to take a selfie the thing that you are going to experience more than anything is an issue with the shadow that makes part of the picture darker. This is not what you want when you are trying to get your pics to look professional. A number of people depend on their selfie photos to promote themselves to their social media brands. The LED ring light is going to help them do this properly.


The LED ring light has become quite popular because it reduces the amount of shadowing that appears in a picture. People acquire this type of ring if they are going to get something that has a ton of brightness. The intensity of the light can be controlled as well. This gives people a chance to get the exact type of lighting they want based on where they are. Sometimes outside conditions create different types of light. Certain rooms can also change the lighting so it makes more sense to have a LED ring light on standby in order to make things easier.

The Kits

In most cases the ring light is going to be part of a kit. That is something that makes people more comfortable with a selfie photo shoot. There will be stands along with the ring light as well as carrying cases. This is great for those that are trying to get into the habit of taking great selfies everywhere that they go. There are some people that travel quite a bit and they may be using a ring light quite often because they want to take the perfect picture. There’s nothing worse than getting to a great tourist spot only to find that you have insufficient lighting to get the picture to look the way you want it to.


People that have started using the LED light are well aware that they have access to a lens that is actually going to be in the middle of the light. That is what changes the ball game when it comes to taking pictures. They have the ability to eliminate all of the strange lighting the tends to make some pictures look darker. The ability to adjust light in the way that you see fit is something that changes the end result of the photography.

Ease Of Use

It doesn’t take a lot of time to set up a like ring. These devices are fairly easy to use, and people that acquire the ring lights with a stand will be able to adjust it according to the level a brightness that they need. It is much simpler than traditional light that photographers have used in the past. It also tends to be a lot less expensive.


The concept of a ring light to reduce shadows is something that came about as a result of selfies that had bad shadows. For years people may have been taking selfies that have had bad lighting, and they wanted to get something else that could change all of this. This is where the ring light came into focus. It became the thing that solved a problem that a lot of selfie picture takers were encountering.


People that are doubtful about how well the led ring light works need only take a look at the reviews of most of these lighting fixtures. People will quickly notice that the common review for these lights is that it is immensely bright. People that are alarmed by this may get more comfort in knowing that they can make adjustments to the light.

A good number of people are going to look at the before and after pictures that some people post. This is the real game-changer when it comes to making a decision on the lighting. It is easy to see that picture quality is greatly enhanced for selfies once the LED light is put in place. It creates a better background.

You can go on Youtube and find several reviews on LED ring lights – the most common is probably the one by Neewer: