The projectors on this list satisfy the criteria for characteristics that are most desirable in portable projectors.

Portable Projector Are In Demand!

Throw distance refers to the maximum range between the projector and the screening surface. An aspect ratio of 16:9 is ideal for a 1080p projector. Portability and price are factors to consider. At a minimum, a projector should have a 720p resolution. Other qualities to consider are brightness (lumens), contrast ratio, and volume.

Recommended Projectors

Cinemood Portable Theatre

If portability is a factor, consider this unit. The $394.98 Cinemood Portable Theatre weighs 8oz and measures 3″. This projector is 1080p supported, has a five-hour battery life, and eight gigs of memory.

The Cinemood Portable Theatre runs quieter because it doesn’t need a cooling fan. The integrated speakers are 2.5 watts. A built-in jack or Bluetooth enables connection to external speakers or headphones. A WIFI connection is not needed to use this projector. There is also an auto shut off timer.

Content from Amazon Prime, Netflix, and YouTube is streamable. The included Disney content should appeal to parents.

Nebula Capsule

This $299.99 offering from Anker features Smart WIFI. With a brightness of 100 American National Standards Institute (ANSI) lumens, this projector is ideal for less well-lit environments. Nebula Capsule projects an 8’4″ image. The video dialog comes through 360° omnidirectional speakers.

The capsule has a 16:9 (854×480) aspect ratio. This projector is Bluetooth and Android 7.1 OS compatible. Other features include High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI), Screen Mirroring, and WIFI. Screening Mirroring allows the transfer of images displayed on a device with a small screen to a machine producing a larger image. The time between recharges is four hours.

Nebula Capsule weighs 1lb. 7oz. Its aluminum housing makes the Capsule more durable than other portable projectors.

Heck, if Dave 2D likes it, it’s almost a guaranteed good choice:

Nebula Mars Pro II

Its 500 ANSI lumens brightness and the bass from the dual 10-watt speakers make the $549.99 Mars Pro II an excellent portable projector for outdoor viewing. The 16:9 aspect ratio produces an HD image with 720p acuity. Android 7.01 OS compatible other Pro II features are autofocus, Bluetooth, HDMI, Screen Mirroring, a USB port, and WIFI.

The Nebula Mars Pro II produces a stable image regardless of angle positioning. Pro II image dimensions range from 2’6″-12’6″. The Pro II is a favorite of reviewers.

Vankyo Leisure 3 Mini Projector

A 92.99 price tag and a 40,000-hour lamp-life make the Leisure 3 the best choice for a limited budget. With 3600 lumens from a distance of 16.4′, this projector has an image range of 2’6″ up to 14’2″. Additional features are HDMI, 1920×1080 resolution, and 3600 lumens of brightness.